TeamSpeak servers from 10p
 Official partner of Teamspeak
 Guaranteed bandwidth
 Admin access
 Customizable banner
 Excellent support & service
 All voice codecs
 Online 24/7
 Webinterface and query port
 Sophisticated account management
No setup fees, with the highest quality infrastructure, and the option to change tarriff. Simply enjoy your Teamspeak server, and let us manage all details, not just technical ones.
Set up in less than 2 minutes
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  • No setup fees
  • Go with one of the worlds largest authorized teamspeak host provider group
  • Best voice quality and reliability
  • Fully customizable, full control of your server
  • Sophisticated client area and web interface (see to the right)
  • TCP query port for use with external tools
  • Flexible permission system
  • TSDNS support. Choose one or more server address names and get rid of port number in server addresses!
See for more information.
pHOSTyx customer area

  • Online account statements
  • Contact support staff
  • Manage multiple servers, amend tariffs
  • Set up and manage basic server features
  • Show traffic usage graphs
  • Download invoices, order and cancel services
  • Manage personal details, change payment options
  • Top up your account or pay bills online
  • Manage privilege keys
  • Manage server addresses and extra rates
But Teamspeak is free - Why rent?
Yes, the Teamspeak client and server are free to download and install. But by renting a pHOSTyx Teamspeak server you get around some drawbacks and gain a lot of advantages:
  • Teamspeak for free - a common mistake. The Teamspeak server software is free only up to 32 slots and for personal use. For example, a single commercial advertising or sponsoring announcement on your clan webpage might suffice to break the free license and make you considered liable for license fees!
  • Most internet service providers give you an IP address that changes regularly. If you host a server yourself, you will need to tell everyone your new IP often.
    For the same reason, when such a change happens, everybody will get disconnected from your server. We provide your server 24/7 using a static address.
  • By renting a TS3 server, you do not need to change your router settings, firewalls and port forwarding. We take care about all tech stuff, your server is instantly set up properly and ready to use.
  • To run a server 24/7, you need to have a PC running 24/7. This adds up to a big electricity bill, and can slow down any other programs that you want to run on your pc. In the end, renting a teamspeak server definetely is cheaper!
  • You need tech knowledge. If you host your server and something goes wrong, it is up to you to fix it! By renting a server, you can rely on us to help you with any problem you might have. We excel in service, reliability and customer support.
  • Hosting a server from your pc uses bandwidth, a bad idea if you have a limited download allowance, and downloading or uploading data like movies might disrupt your Teamspeak server's data streams. Our servers have guaranteed bandwith, our datacenter locations and infrastructure is set up for an insane amount of bandwidth to cope even with the largest demands. Additionally, by renting a server, you get better pings and more reliability, as there are less hubs between your users and your server.
  • The free server does not come with a web interface or any management service. We provide a sophisticated client area and web interface to make managing your server easy and comfortable.
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